Bachelor and L3 courses

Außerschulische Lernorte

Außerschulische Lernorte und Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung im Geographieunterricht

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Ground Radar

Processing, analysing and interpreting ground radar images

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Linking LiDAR and Satellite Data

Handle up-to-date remote sensing data, make spatial predictions with machine learning, and become familiar with advanced remote sensing modelling in R

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Fachliche Bedeutung von Medien verstehen und professionelle Handlungskompetenz zum Medieneinsatz erwerben

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Species Distribution Modelling

International course on species distribution modelling techniques

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More courses in the bachelor programme “Geography” and in the L3 programme “Teacher of Geography for Grammar Schools” can be found here.

Master courses

Data Analysis

Use R for data analysis and visualization, handle geo-datasets, train models and estimate errors, and use GitHub for comprehensive documentation and task management

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Understand spatial problems, apply remote sensing, and use AI to resiliently predict spatial patterns

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Remote Sensing

Handle remote sensing information, define workflows, identify objects, and predict land cover in space

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Upscaling biodiversity

Use upscaling methods and multi-sensor data for predicting biodiversity

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More courses in the master programme “Geography” can be found here

Extracurricular courses

R Basics

Learn the essentials for working with R

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