Course units

How to

Bedingt durch die Corona-Pandemie findet das Projektseminar umfassend digital statt. Hier finden Sie alle notwendigen Informationen zum Lernen auf Distanz.

01 Theory and History

A brief history and Introduction

02 Theoretical background

Who uses radar data, how does ground radar work

03 Study region and data

Bale Exile research group, Research Aims, Study design

04 Inside Radar

Data and information, data types, object types

05 Processing data

The radar basics - get to know your data, storing results, calibrating

06 Analyse your data

Interpret sample data,setting GPS, hyperbola

07 Pre-processing and Workflow

Pre-processing and Workflow

08 More R basics

Loops and batch processing of multiple files

09 Timeslices

Working with 2.5D data: slice view and plotting in 2D

10 - 3D and Visualization

Transform to 3D, visualization and interpretation of results

11 Projects

Discussion of project ideas, designing a case study

12 - Proprietary software

Proprietary software and other applications

13 Wrap up

Final discussion, evaluation, free work time for finalizing projects

R basics (optional)

R basics