This is going to be a continuously updated collection of sources to obtain various kinds of information on different SDM techniques.

The content of these pages is the result of student’s work during earlier courses. Note that each link opens a new tab because the embedded documents are the HTML output of individual student’s markdown files.

Profile methods


Gabriel Valentin Behnke

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Bioclim I

William J. Gabriel

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Bioclim II

Mona Hallenberger

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Classical regression methods

Generalized Linear Models

Volker Dickhardt

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Generalized Additive Models

Jens Meyer

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Machine learning methods

MaxEnt I (Java)

Alexander Klug

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MaxEnt II (R)

Daniel Bothe

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Boosted Regression Trees

Lukas Hilberg

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Support Vector Machines

Julian Nuhn

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Random Forest I

Mandy Gimpel

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Random Forest II

Leander Heyer

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Jan-Niklas Tripp

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