Assignment: Hello R, Hello GitHub

This assignment introduces you to R, R scripts and R markdown. Your submission will be pushed to your class repository at GitHub. After completion you should have gained some experience in running R commands within scripts, R markdown for running code and documentation within one file and Git/GitHub.

Things you need for this assignment

  • R — the interpreter can be installed on any operation system.
  • RStudio — we recommend to use R Studio for (interactive) programming with R.
  • Git environment for your operating system. For Windows users with little experience on the command line we recommend GitHub Desktop.

Hello R and GitHub submission

Please write an R script as an Rmd file with html output for the following task and commit it to your GitHub-based learning log:

  1. Assign the value of 2 to a variable called a and the value of 5 to a variable called b.
  2. Compute the sum, difference, product and ratio of a and b (a always in the first place) and store the results to four different variables called r1, r2, r3, and r4.
  3. Create a vector v1 which contains the values stored within the four variables from step 2.
  4. Add a fifth entry to vector v1 which represents a by the power of b (i.e. a**b).
  5. Show the content of vector v1 (e.g. use the print function or just type the variable name in a separate row).
  6. Create a second vector v2 which contains information on the type of mathematical operation used to derive the five results. Hence this vector should have five entries of values sum, difference,…
  7. Show the content of vector v2.
  8. Combine the two vectors v1 and v2 into a data frame called df. Each vector should become one column of the data frame so you will end up with a data frame having 5 rows and 2 columns.
  9. Make sure that the column with the data of v1 is named Results and v2 is named Operation.
  10. Show the entire content of df.
  11. Show just the entry of the 3 row and 1 column.

Save your Rmd file in your course repository, knitr it, update (i.e. commit) your local repository and publish (i.e. push) it to the GitHub classroom. Make sure that the created html file is also part of your GitHub repository.

As you might become aware by reading this assignment, there is a great chance that you have to gather considerable more information to actually solve the given assignment. More precisely, once you have solved the R programming task you are not be off the hook since you have to familiarize yourself with Git and GitHub to actually submit your solution.

This assignment will not be marked.


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