A note on individual learning log assignments with GitHub

Within this course, you will individually submit your personal solutions for the course assignments to your personal GitHub-hosted learning log, i.e. your personal classroom repository. Don’t get confused about “your personal repository”. Once you have a GitHub account, you can create as many repositories as you like at your account, but for assignments within our courses always use your respective classroom repository.

The classroom repository will be created automatically by following a link to the respective classroom assignment which will be provided by the instructors. Your classroom repository will be hosted as part of GeoMOER, our learning log space at GitHub for Marburg Open Educational Resources.

If not stated otherwise, the deadline for an assignment is the date and time of the next course session. The submissions generally encompass R or R markdown with compiled html files.

To start with, get yourself a GitHub account if you have not one already and create your personal learning log using the link provided by the course lecturers. Be aware that once the learning log repository is created, you will stick to this until the end of the course. So know the url of your repository!

Aside from submitting assignments, you should use your repository for everything related to this course which is a potential subject to version control, team collaboration and issue tracking.

Some additional hints

Be aware that your git repository will ignore folders as long as there are no files within them.

If you get lost in organizing you files and folders, you might want to have a look here for how to efficiently structure your working environment.

Do not use any spaces within your folder or filenames until you become an expert. At no time. Never.

Now it is time for your first R code to be compiled into an R markdown document, which will then be uploaded to your GitHub repository.


You can leave comments under this issue if you have questions or comments about the content on this page. Please copy the corresponding line into your comment to make it easier to answer the question.