Overview of Course Units

Unit 1

Unit 01: Introduction to R

Setting up R and introducing some help tools.

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Unit 2

Unit 02: Types of Data

Introduction to different levels of measurements.

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Unit 3

Unit 03: Types of Objects

Introduction to different types of data storing in objects.

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Unit 4

Unit 04: Indexing

Introduction to Indexing.

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Unit 5

Unit 05: Work Environment

Introduction to the R Work Environment.

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Unit 6

Unit 06: In- & Output of Data

Introduction to In- and Output of Data in R.

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Unit 07

Unit 07: Operations

Introduction to operators, if-then-else and loops.

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Unit 8

Unit 08: Sorting & Merging

Introduction to sorting Data.

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Unit 09

Unit 09: Simple Visualizations

Introduction to simple graphic outputs.

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Some Spotlights to make your life easier.

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