Course Units

How to this course

This course is intended as a blended learning module, although the provided introductions, explanations and examples might be useful for self-study, too.

01 The very basics

Go through a brute force introduction into R, R Markdown, the RStudio IDE, version management with Git and GitHub’s classroom functionality to get ready for solving the upcoming assignment problems and submitting your solutions.

02 More basics

Become familiar with reading and writing data, computing summary statistics and visual data exploration. Get to know the relation between variables and build your first model.

03 Working with spatial data

Get a brute-force introduction to working with different kinds of spatial data in R.

04 Multispectral Remote Sensing

Learn the basics of satellite remote sensing theory and Sentinel-2 data.

05 Lidar Remote Sensing

Learn the basic of Lidar remote sensing.

06 Machine Learning

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning and build a random forest model.

07 Projects

Apply your gained skills in your own work project.